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  1. Jeff Riemenschneider

    Wow… this podcast really hit me between the eyes.
    I’m 63 years old and reasonably divorced. 3 month after my wife stopped her hormone therapy, she came to the conclusion we were “ incompatible“. The day after our 38th wedding anniversary, she left me. Her mother is now living with her. (Hmmm… “never left home”?…)
    Jay touched on so many issues in this podcast I feel he was watching over my shoulder not only as I grew up but even later in life!
    Thank you guys for this podcast! I will be listening to it again for undoubtably I have missed a few things that will tie even more events together!
    Don’t get me wrong! After completing “7 Pillars of Freedom”, I am still very much working on recovery! However, overall I will still have to say that I am on the road to recovery! Repentance is a slow process!

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