2022 Pure Desire Summit Lifetime Access


Recovery happens best when you’re all in.

When you first started this healing process, you likely thought, “Give me the book, show me how to use the tools, and I’ll be healed in no time!” And like many others, you soon realized that this process was more in-depth and would take longer than you initially planned.

Like you, men and women from all walks of life have entered this process motivated by hope: the hope of living free from the effects of sexual brokenness. It’s this same hope that inspires resiliency, persevering through obstacles and setbacks, keeping you steadfast on your journey.

Commitment is key to recovery and healing. It takes time and intention. This is a journey that will require more of you—and return more to you—than you ever expected. When you make a commitment and bring your whole self into the healing process, God will do an amazing work in your life!

For more than 30 years, Pure Desire has helped men and women around the world break free from sexual brokenness, heal the trauma of betrayal, and live a life beyond their expectations.

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Digital Access Terms

What type of access is included with the digital course?

With digital access, the customer has unlimited streaming access to the video course from the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital course a download I keep and own?

The customer is not paying to own the digital course but to have unlimited access to it through their account on the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital version viewable through platforms like Vimeo?

The digital course is not available through any other streaming platforms. It is only viewable on the Pure Desire website. Nowhere else.

Do I have viewing rights for a certain length of time or number of views when purchasing the digital course?

The digital course includes unlimited and lifetime access. The customer can view it as many times as they want and will never lose access to the course.


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