Betrayal & Beyond Workbook


The pain and trauma created through sexual betrayal is devastating. The life you thought you had is gone. And now, you are consumed with thoughts and feelings you’ve never experienced before—thoughts and feelings you can’t even describe. 

With a fresh perspective on trauma treatment, Betrayal & Beyond takes a partner sensitive approach to healing from the effects of sexual betrayal.

Throughout your group experience, you will: 

  • gain a greater understanding of how the trauma from betrayal is impacting your mind, body, and soul. 
  • apply strategies to keep you safe and emotionally healthy.
  • identify and recognize the symptoms of trauma. 
  • incorporate proactive strategies to alleviate trauma symptoms during times of stress. 
  • learn the power of self-care. 
  • reestablish trust and emotional health in your relationship.
  • create a plan for your future that is informed, intentional, and healthy. 

All of this, and so much more, from a biblically based and clinically informed approach to healing!

Although sexual betrayal has turned your world upside down, we’re so thankful you’ve chosen to get healing for yourself. Being able to process your experiences in a safe, grace-filled place—and working at a pace that encourages self-discovery—will empower you to make strides in your healing and equip you to make informed decisions for your future. 

*Includes 32 Betrayal & Beyond Companion Videos, which provide helpful insights, tips, and encouragement for the lessons each week. 

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