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Seven Pillars of Freedom Digital Video Companion


Navigating your healing journey can be challenging at times. Throughout Seven Pillars of Freedom, we want to equip you with all of the tools you need to bring your best effort to each lesson. For this reason, we have created a video companion for every lesson, including an introduction and conclusion.

These videos will help you have a great, life-changing group experience! Watch the corresponding video during the week before you begin working through the lesson, as you will hear helpful insights and tips on that lesson from our Executive Director, Nick Stumbo.

Each video is 5-7 minutes in length. Once purchased, you can access these videos any time by logging in to your account at puredesire.org/courses.

*The Seven Pillars of Freedom Digital Video Companion is FREE with the purchase of the newly released Seven Pillars of Freedom Kit and Seven Pillars of Freedom Workbook.

Digital Access Terms

What type of access is included with the digital course?

With digital access, the customer has unlimited streaming access to the video course from the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital course a download I keep and own?

The customer is not paying to own the digital course but to have unlimited access to it through their account on the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital version viewable through platforms like Vimeo?

The digital course is not available through any other streaming platforms. It is only viewable on the Pure Desire website. Nowhere else.

Do I have viewing rights for a certain length of time or number of views when purchasing the digital course?

The digital course includes unlimited and lifetime access. The customer can view it as many times as they want and will never lose access to the course.

1 review for Seven Pillars of Freedom Digital Video Companion

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    Very good resource for companion to the workbook and journal 🙂

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