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Stories for Men


The guilt, shame, and grief of sexual addiction can be overwhelming, if not paralyzing, for those who wage war in this battle. Many men live a secret life of fear and regret, devastated by the effects of their own behavior. They live a life of betrayal. Marriages are destroyed, and families torn apart. Many men are left feeling worthless, unlovable, and alone.

This collection of Stories for Men provides insight into the lives of men who have struggled with sexual addiction and an understanding of the way isolation, shame, and loss accompany addictive behavior. Each has bravely chosen to take back what the enemy has stolen from them. Men from all walks of life have fearlessly taken on the challenge of writing their inspirational stories that you may find hope.

God has a plan for your life: a plan to bring you out of the trenches to a place where you can begin to help others. At Pure Desire, it is our prayer that you will be encouraged and strengthened by Stories for Men.

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2 reviews for Stories for Men

  1. MIke M

    This book is easy to read and filled with testimonies of lives and marriages saved. If you need hope…this is a quick and each read!

  2. Dan

    I read a story a night for the past few weeks and I’m sad to have finished it last night! It was a great way to be inspired to end my night. The stories in this book are raw and real but filled with hope! It doesn’t matter how far you have fallen in the traps of sexual addiction, there is hope to be found! I recommend this resource to help provide inspiration in your journey towards freedom!

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