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Many women who struggle with love, sex, porn, and relationship addictions are unable to sustain healthy relationships with romantic partners, family members, and friends. We desperately want to feel loved and accepted, but are continually disappointed by relationships. The pain and shame of our unwanted sexual behaviors leads us to a place we never intended.

But there is hope! Through the use of weekly exercises, strategic tools, and a self-care focus, learn how to live in health—how to unravel the messiness of relationships. Discover how lifelong healing comes from a greater understanding of who God is and who He created us to be in Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, and Relationships.

4 reviews for Unraveled Kit

  1. Hunterriley76@gmail.com (verified owner)

    This is my first class and it isn’t over yet, I appreciate the book and what it lays out for education. Our group did not do great at following the group guidelines and commitments. Please know this group is ALOT of commitment, 3 calls a week at least, the homework 20-30 minutes per day and not just a one day craming of homework… it’s tracking all week (sometimes it doesn’t say to track until the end of the chapter which is a disservice unless you get to it the first day,) and processing throughout the week.
    They say that this group will help you but they don’t want you giving advise or asking questions which for me isn’t helping anyone as a group nor does it foster relationships. It feels very disconnected and impersonal to not comfort or help people dive deeper or challenge them to think differently. If my group wasn’t willing to do these things it’s very alone in the fight feeling even if you have God. The statement Trust the Process is not great to hear… it has no meaning unless you have been through it all. You can’t trust what you don’t know or even understand what the process is.
    The resources for this group are very hard to find in this webpage as it must be new.
    So far this book leads you to a point of knowledge and then leaves you to come up with what will help you, examples are very few and if you aren’t sexual addict but anorexic you have to get very creative to answer most of the questions to have it apply to you. It’s doable if your willing to work and search your heart and head!
    The podcasts (search for what your looking for… it’s usually under a whole different groups name,) can be helpful to find ideas for those who don’t struggle. Even questions that seem to hone in on that or are tailored to Moms w children- switch it up to anyone you around that’s a kid, as aunt, uncles, cousins etc. we all come in contact with others.
    If your like me who doesn’t have a lot of support or family… this addresses that trauma but also assumes we have that support… that has triggered me a ton so even therapist who hasn’t gone through this class is very difficult to have that and being I’m in class and looking at the lesson about unreliable love and how our attachment style led to not having good connection but clinging to relationships or the one on co dependency this class becomes that too.

    Great if everyone does the work and willing to make the calls and do the work.
    Not if you struggle to get everyone on the same page to begin with.

  2. wadingbearvt@gmail.com

    After finding hope, growth, and healing through Betrayal and Beyond related to my husbands porn addiction, I realized that I had slipped into unhealthy patterns of fantasy, flirting, and masturbation as a way of soothing the pain from the betrayal. Upon joining Unraveled, and examining my own unhealthy sexual behaviors, I have found personal freedom and hope on a whole new level! I was so blessed to be a participant of the first Pure Desire online Unraveled group. The group facilitator guided us with wisdom, love, and experience. These restoration curricula and group experiences are designed to be a self discovery process, questions are supported and encouraged in a way that promotes deep personal reflection. Groups are a 2 hour weekly commitment, plus homework and some accountability phone calls. Yes, this is a big commitment- packed with big blessings of deep healing & restoration, worth the time, energy and cost of materials. The more you time and heart you sow into this work, the more restoration you will reap! Pure Desire Ministries ensures that online groups are led by vetted leaders. While churches are also encouraged to host groups, those leaders may or may not be as experienced and/or well trained to facilitate the group according to best practices. Group dynamics is always a wild card, but we all learn from each other even though we have very different personalities, situations and backgrounds. As we embrace God’s plan to provide us hope and a future, we must grow in relationships with God and others, and Unraveled is designed to do just that!
    Love to all who embark on this worthwhile journey!

  3. cbgilling@gmail.com

    The stakes are too high not to take this course. If you’re struggling or have struggled with any sort of relationship, love, sex/ porn/ fantasy, sexual abuse or codependency issues you need to sign up for this course right now. It was life-changing for me and I can’t say enough about how much it’s changed my life. There’s so many great tools in this course that help you figure out how to be a healthy functioning women who can honor God with all that you are.
    I grew up in a home where emotions were never talked about or expressed. (Not my parents fault, they never learned how to either.) I didn’t know how emotionally immature I was and I thought I had it all together! I’m finally learning how to feel all the feels and express them in a healthy way. I learned how to wear masks my whole life and thought I was being authentic. I was able to dig through all the lies the enemy had me wrapped in and find Gods truth.
    This course helped me start my healing journey (it’s a long journey!), it saved my marriage and I believe redirected my life back to Jesus. My husband is also so grateful for this course. Even tho repairing our marriage has been the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, we have the right tools from Pure Desire to do it.
    This course is a big commitment but worth every dollar and minute you put into it.

  4. Raquel Guang (verified owner)

    The best course I have done so far in regards to personal health.

    After doing the Betrayal and Beyond workbook because of my husband’s betrayal I realized I still needed healing. Not only from his betrayal but from my own past. I come from a good christian family who loved me, however I grew up very lonely and this brought consequences. Through the workbook, group experience and God, I realized were my wounds were and why I have always felt not loved or valued. Listening to the other girls I heard God speak to me a couple of times. I identified areas I still needed to work on and learned many tools to live life with.

    It is hard work. Besides the material in the workbook, you have the weekly tools that give you a personal care challenge each week. You must read the lessons with enough time to do everything you are asked. If you really want to heal, you have to put on the work. Make the phone calls, do the homework, read and go to group.

    I recommend it for single or married women who struggle with love, sex or relationships.

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