Free People, Free People!

Like never before, men and women in the Church urgently need a safe place to experience healing and freedom from the effects of sexual addiction.

Your generosity is far more than money—you’re giving the gift of health. You’re helping men and women break the bonds of sexual addiction, mend from the devastation of betrayal, and learn to live an authentic life of hope and purpose.

You’re restoring marriages, equipping parents, and healing relationships.

Together, we can change the tide of sexual devastation in our world!

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Pure Desire helped me find freedom in a myriad of ways. My lifelong struggle with SSA left such a trail of pain, frustration, and anguish.

My wife has had to deal with this; she's been patient and forgiving. Initially, the Pure Desire Conference and the information about the brain and the Bible were the most influential and impactful part of my healing journey. Then the groups and curriculum. The idea that Free People Free People is a huge part of finding freedom—a community of believers who are ready to be open and encouraging, looking to God’s life-changing gospel. THANK YOU LORD!