Accountability App User’s Guide 2020

Addictive Hot Spots

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techless wisephone II

Techless is healthy technology. Pure & Simple.

A pure and simple® phone designed to cut out unnecessary distractions like social media, addictions, and advertisements — with calling, texting, and a few simple tools.

Reclaim Time & Reduced Distractions. Put away distractions like social media and app notifications. Wisephone only has basic tools like calling, texting, and maps, so you can remain present and attentive when it matters the most.

Escape Unwanted Influences. Without constant ads and notifications WiseOS can help you to be more deliberate and mindful about the content you consume and the time you spend on your device-leading to healthier digital habits and better overall well-being.

Safety & Transparency. WiseOS will never spy on or exploit you. We believe that trust should be central to technology that you use daily. WiseOS creates a more comfortable and stress-free digital environment for you. This guarantees your digital activities remain private, ensuring a significantly safer online experience.

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Recommended Organizations

Capstone Wellness

Capstone Wellness provides Christ-Centered residential, and outpatient mental health services focused on creating lasting and healthy change.

Services Offered

  • Capstone Treatment Center: Residential Treatment For Young Men Ages 14-26
  • Vine + Root Counseling: Custom Therapy Intensives

Bethesda Workshops

Bethesda Workshops offers Christian-based, clinical treatment for people affected by sexual addiction. A combination of effective clinical strategies and grace-based spirituality provides enormous progress in only four days. Separate workshops are available for male and female sex addicts, partners of sex addicts, couples, and teens accompanied by their parents.

Clinical intensive (short-term) workshops for

  • Male porn, sex & love addicts
  • Female porn, sex & love addicts
  • Partners of sex addicts (both wives and husbands)
  • Couples affected by sexual addiction
  • Teens struggling with problematic sexual behavior (accompanied by their parents)
  • Healing from Trauma (beginning in 2024)
  • Individual intensives (beginning in 2024)
  • Training and renewal for therapists (beginning in 2024)