Accountability App User’s Guide 2020

Addictive Hot Spots

Anger Test


techless wisephone

Techless is healthy technology. Pure & Simple.

Wisephone has no apps, no addictions, and no distractions.

Wisephone is the world’s healthiest smartphone. It can call, text, and has a few essential tools like maps, but no social media, no browser, and no explicit content. It’s the perfect balance to stay connected in the ways that matter most.

Be free. Break free from app addiction with a phone that flat-out skips all social media, apps, and digital compulsions.

Be safe. Keep your phone free from prying eyes, intrusive ads, data risks, and porn—we built a phone with YOU in mind.

Be present. Remove digital distractions so you can connect more authentically, relate more intentionally, and live life more fully.

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