Research suggests that more than half of U.S. church leaders are in jeopardy of sexual moral failure. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, re-employment costs for one leader is $38,000. Consequently, the cost of re-employment due to moral failure for the average church denomination, district, or para-church organization will increase exponentially.

The Pure Desire programs address the evidence-based understanding that sexual bondage and the associated struggles are a family systems issue, not just an individual problem. People who suddenly discover their spouse has been living a secret life desperately need a ministry to support them, so they can experience healing, and the marriage can be restored. All of the benefits listed on the following page are the COUPLES pricing. Individual pricing is also available.

Benefit PricingWithout PDLWith PDL
Quick Start Guide$455$196*
Event Registration$129Free
Store DiscountVolume Discount15% Discount on Pure Desire Product
Leadership Coaching$150/HourFree
Anonymous AccessNot AvailableFree
Clinical CounselingUp to $9,990**No change
Crisis Consultation$183/HourFree
Supervising Reports$183/HourFree
A Guide to Recovery$95Free
PD Groups for Leaders$749$499

Monthly Membership Pledge

By number of Pastors/Leaders within the Organization

Up to 9 (Individual Churches Only)$150
500+Call for Pricing
[email protected] or 503-437-9257.

* Free for partners who set up auto-pay or pay at least the first quarter upfront

** Cost varies based on recommended course of care