Types of Events

The topic of sexuality and addiction can be taboo and rarely discussed in the church world. This is how we help. Our events are for…

Event Topics

  • Recognizing the difference between guilt and shame
  • Creating a culture of grace that promotes sexual integrity
  • Understanding the neurochemistry behind addiction
  • Explaining the role of trauma in the addiction cycle
  • Establishing and maintaining sobriety
  • Summarizing the role and process of Pure Desire group materials


The topic of sexuality and addiction are rarely talked about in the Church. For those who struggle with sexually compulsive behaviors or have experienced betrayal due to someone else’s behaviors, this often contributes to their feelings of isolation and shame. 

At this two-day conference, we’re going to talk about sex: how our sexuality is God’s design, but our life experiences take us in a direction we never intended to go. We will offer practical tools for breaking the shame cycle, renewing the mind, establishing sexual integrity, starting a healing ministry, and so much more! 

For men, women, and students: learn what it looks like to live in sexual health! Hope and freedom are possible.


$119 two weeks before event

10% off two or more tickets

$49 for students ($69 two weeks before event)


A one-day conference designed to give men hope in a sexually-saturated world, show them they’re not alone in the battle for purity, and provide practical tools for developing sexual integrity.


Cost determined by host

Lunch included

Increases by $20 two weeks before event


A one-day conference designed to give women a renewed sense of self-awareness and the tools to develop emotional, relational, and sexual health in their daily lives.


Cost determined by host

Lunch included

Increases by $20 two weeks before event


Do you have an event coming up where you need a speaker or would like Pure Desire to do a week of events at your church? 

Custom events are a great way to accomplish this and so much more. Our event team will work with you to customize an event that meets your goals. Pure Desire will send a team that best fits your event needs and work with you on logistics throughout the process.

Fantastic starting point for all addictions/struggles and a path to healing, grace, and a new life!

Contact us at [email protected] to talk about a custom event.