1. [email protected]

    Always love the podcast’s guys. Robert downey Jr.(Tony Stark) was a drug addict in his early acting years. Coming off the movie “less than zero”. The fact that he portrays a charcter like Tony Stark who has become a new man and battling these opposing forces. His real life speaks volumes to those who are in addiction. That there is hope!

    1. Avatar photo Trevor Winsor


  2. Andrew Spear

    Excellent podcast, but fun and inviting as I see my recovery aligned with the avenger stories. One story that was so powerful is in Falcon and the Winter Soldier as Bucky is piecing his life back together and getting getting caught in the shame and self pity. The words from Falcon resonate with me as Falcon challenges Bucky to Work the Work instead of getting caught in the self pity, self loathing and entitlement. I saw this as the beginning of the true character arch for both Bucky and the frayed friendship.

    1. Avatar photo Trevor Winsor

      So good, Andrew! Great picture from the Winter Soldier!

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