Creating Safe Spaces w/ Keith Jenkins

Episode 167 September 15, 2020


  1. Brenda Griffin

    Loved this episode. Such a fantastic perspective, and what an awesome reminder. Thanks to each of you!

    1. Trevor Winsor

      Thank you, Brenda! So grateful it was helpful! We love Keith!


    One of the best yet. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had not heard of Keith Jenkins before yesterday, but I am so glad you introduced his message about safe places into your blog. I owe Pure Desire Ministries a great deal for helping me unshackle from sex addiction (1 year+). I’m so glad to hear of a church leader who deeply understands how desperate we are to find safe places within the church to recover. Such was not my church experience (so far), but thank God for PDM for all the resources you bring to bear to provide such places for us.
    I have also been challenged by a family member to educate myself regarding systemic racism (I’m a middle-aged white male raised in rural Oregon). I appreciate hearing Pastor Jenkin’s take on the issue of racism from a biblical world-view as well as from his place as a black man in a predominantly white Oregon culture. Powerful stuff!

    Thank you for staying active during the pandemic and conflagration issues we currently face.

    1. Trevor Winsor

      So great to hear, Barry! Thank you for your comments! Keep up the good work of growing and getting healthy!

  3. Robert Harrison

    Enjoyed hearing Keith’s perspective. A lot of great takeaways:
    1.) Keith’s comment that he may disagree with the “form” of a protest but agree with the overall “substance” behind a protest.
    2.) People are more inclined to follow a leader where they can trace their journey through life, see/related to their brokenness but also see/relate to the hope and redemption in their story.
    3.) Church wants to put every thing into the simple category of what is right and wrong. Jesus starts most of his conversations with “questions” – encourages dialogue. Not just simply jumping to the clean conclusion of “right and wrong”.
    4.) People want to hear about how the grace of God is being applied in their lives “in the present”. To hear it without shame, guilt, and condemnation. this helps Keith understand God and be real with him.

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