Faith, Sexuality, & Gender w/ Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Episode 258 June 14, 2022


  1. Avatar photo Debby Flanagan

    I love Preston’s reminder that God loves humanity. God loves us not because we obey the “rules “, but because we are human.

  2. [email protected]

    Excellent podcast! Great definition of freedom! I appreciated both the ideas of it being okay to be solid in our beliefs if we’re still willing to listen, be compassionate and truly try to understand and in other things being willing to be wrong and to learn. Either way the focus being on all relationships flavored with the love of Christ, even with theological disagreement. Just being able to be listened to and heard, without having to change or be changed is huge… and could open doors for good change. That was also a great insight into gender identity. I never thought about it not really being a sexual issue, but truly an identity issue. Thanks for taking the fear and misinformation out of this.
    – Brian

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