Introducing Pure Desire

Episode 001 July 11, 2017


  1. Diane

    Great job– especially Nick sharing his own personal transformation.

  2. Mike Rex

    I stumbled on the PD podcast menu when ordering the Pure Desire book. Thought it would make sense to start with #1and catch up to most recent. I have been in a group for about a year and this ministry has saved my marriage, my life and most of all my relationship with God! Can’t wait to hear all the messages and dig in even deeper.
    Thank you PD team!

  3. Julie Randle

    Just stumbled on your ministry and podcast. Was listening to Dan Allender interview Jay Stringer then searched more podcasts and ran across your interview with him. So started listening to your podcast series and heard another interview with the Spicers here in Dallas. I was at Northwest Bible Church awhile back and heard Scott’s testimony. Thank you all so much for this invaluable outreach. I just contacted that ministry here locally and am ready to start the journey.

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