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    Great podcast. The IFS model sounds great for reducing shame and valuing myself as a complete person with many parts that all play an important role in talking care of me even if some are misguided. I appreciate the idea of the gooey chocolate center that is me made in God’s Image. I also really liked the self awareness exercise – it’s a good way to press-in rather than fight a battle I’ll eventually lose. Could’ve done without the ‘sin is trauma’ concept though. Sin may be traumatic, but these concepts are not interchangeable and Nick, I appreciated you trying to direct it specifically to the addiction and recovery model. I think we sometimes get caught in God’s love so much that we think the Bible is about us. The Bible is about God, not us – His love for us yes, but we are the object, not the subject. He says sin will legitimately send those who don’t choose Him to hell. Trauma of itself won’t do that. There should be no shame in being sinners – even filthy sinners – saved by grace, but often there is because we’re so performance oriented and teach others to be so too. We have to make a distinction between unhealthy messages we may have been exposed to at church and even propagated and what the Bible really says. I know it’s tough; just please be careful in clarifying what your guests convey. I look forward to listening to you guys and Jenna more at the Summit.
    – Brian

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    Thanks for the thoughts, Brian! I think Jenna was trying to use standard Bible terms to help listeners grasp the IFS model, not using the IFS model to redefine the Bible. But we hear you! We have to be cautious with how we define sin and make sure we don’t in any way lessen or detract from what the Bible says about the very real nature of our sin and the consequences of it.

    Thanks for listening!

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      Thanks for that Nick, I really appreciate your response. Salt and light.

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