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Betrayal & Beyond Kit


Designed for group use, the Betrayal & Beyond Workbook reveals the truth and nature of sexual addiction, and how women are wounded by the addict’s behaviors. For women who have suffered betrayal, their healing comes from understanding the role of trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, exploring the depth of forgiveness, and learning to live in restoration.

The Betrayal & Beyond Journal is a companion resource that reinforces the daily commitment to health through several foundational tools:

  • Creating an attitude of gratitude through thankfulness
  • Identifying personal/prophetic promises, reinforced through God’s Word
  • The Commitment to Change identifies challenges or needed change and accountability for change
  • The FASTER Scale raises awareness of the behaviors that lead to relapse
  • The Group Check-In provides weekly self-reflection while moving toward health

5 reviews for Betrayal & Beyond Kit

  1. Heather

    Going through this book has changed my life and I am so grateful to have this resource

  2. Genevieve Landry

    It’s a true commitment to change in order to obtain healing. Very rewarding…I strongly recommend this course to women who are and have suffered from betrayal.

  3. Christine

    To have suffered a betrayal was the most difficult time of my life I was broken and didn’t know how I could survive I was devastated but God brought this beautiful angel into my life She told me about this course The opportunity to study the material and share with other women has given me the strength to survive and now live It has giving me so much more strength I highly recommend this course

  4. Kim

    When I discovered my husband was having a long-term affair 5 years ago, an emotional tornado ravaged and decimated our family. A pastor’s wife introduced me to Betrayal and Beyond, and the online group and biblically-based curriculum were a lifeline as I have slowly healed from betrayal trauma.

  5. pshowan@comcast.net

    These books were awesome for helping me discover and name The brokenness (safety issues, voiceless and alone feeling) that started when my Mother remarried when I was 12, and my stepfather had sexual addiction . That brokenness spilled over into my destructive marriage.
    The books help me see that I had growing in maturity to do also. The books are very good at explaining why we react/do the behaviors we have after betrayal. Not only does it help you get your life back, it melds you into the person God created you to be-whole and unafraid!

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