The Compassionate Warrior Weekly Tools


Since entering this recovery journey, many men have gained and maintained sobriety from pornography and compulsive sexual behaviors for several years. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they relapse. 

This 20-lesson group experience will take men deeper in their recovery journey! It will give them new tools and strategies to live out God’s plan and purpose in their life, equipping them to develop emotional and relational health.

The Compassionate Warrior will help men learn how to be more emotionally aware, feel connected to those around them, and develop healthy relationships. 

The Workbook includes the weekly lessons; the Weekly Tools includes the Group Check In, FASTER Scale, Commitment to Change, and other tools to help men increase their emotional awareness, develop empathy, and strengthen their relationships. 

Together, the Workbook and Weekly Tools will catapult their healing to the next level, equipping them with a maturity and sensitivity toward others—transforming them into a Compassionate Warrior.   

Stop living with the threat of relapse. Become a Compassionate Warrior. 

The Compassionate Warrior is for men who have gone through Seven Pillars of Freedom or Living Free and are ready to take their healing to the next level.

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The Way of the Warrior

Many men who enter the recovery journey are able to gain sobriety and maintain health for quite some time. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, they relapse. Why is this? It leaves men wondering, What do I need to create sustainable, lifelong recovery and healing?

The Compassionate Warrior will take you through the eight stages of “The Way of the Warrior.” As you progress through these stages, you will be transformed through God’s Word, His calling on your life, and His extraordinary purpose for your healing.

Stage One

Stage I: Facing Evil

Many men embrace this journey not knowing what they need to do, unsure of where this journey will take them, and unaware of the challenges that lie ahead. In facing evil, they will develop qualities and characteristics needed to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Stage Two

Stage II: Resisting the Call

Although change is a constant in this life, the challenges that often accompany change can be overwhelming. Too much, at times. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. Does the warrior have what it takes to answer the call?

Stage Three

Stage III: Meet Your Mentor

It is often during times of great difficulty that mentors appear in life, as though through the sovereign direction of Father God. These mentors walk alongside the warrior, providing keys to life’s lessons and strategies to help navigate the obstacles they face.

Stage Four

Stage IV: A Radical Life-Altering Leap into Grace

When the journey becomes more than they can bear and they desperately want to quit, the warrior takes a leap of faith in continuing this journey. His commitment to keep going often reveals his deepest passion and purpose in his life.

Stage Five

Stage V: Threshold Guardians

As the warrior purservers, he is met by a Threshold Guardian: a barrier, blockage, or challenge to face and overcome. It will not be easy, for this opposition will be more difficult than anything we’ve faced before. It will strike at the core of our identity.

Stage Six

Stage VI: The Inner Cave

It’s in The Inner Cave that the warrior faces his greatest fear and enemy. Most often, the greatest fear and enemy comes from inside the warrior, living in the shadows of who he is and who he is becoming.

Stage Seven

Stage VII: The Resurrection

In facing their greatest fear and enemy, the warrior reveals his true identity. His identity and strength comes through Christ and is reflected in His relationship with His heavenly Father. This is the life process of sanctification.

Stage Eight

Stage VIII: The Road Back Home

This stage reflects a transformed life. The warrior is living with confidence, peace, and purpose. He is fully committed to the Father’s will, serving others like never before, and strengthening relationships with family and friends.


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