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Seven Pillars of Freedom Kit


Designed for group use, the Seven Pillars of Freedom Workbook raises awareness of the self-delusion and denial found among many men who struggle with sex and pornography addiction. Gaining a greater understanding of the addiction process and sexually compulsive patterns, this group experience will provide the safety, support, and tools needed to establish lifelong healing.

The Seven Pillars of Freedom Journal is a companion resource that reinforces the daily commitment to health through several foundational tools:

  • The Commitment to Change identifies challenges or needed change and accountability for change
  • The SWORD Drill strengths our healing through God’s Word
  • The FASTER Scale raises awareness of the behaviors that lead to relapse
  • The Group Check-In provides weekly self-reflection while moving toward health

Many men and women who struggle with the effects of sexual addiction feel trapped. They are desperate to find a way out. Pure Desire provides hope: for those who are addicted, for those who have been betrayed, and for those who want to make a difference in their church and community.

7 reviews for Seven Pillars of Freedom Kit

  1. Daniel

    I’ll be perfectly honest, since that is one of the foundational truths of finding freedom, I would have never chosen to admit I was unable to break free from my sexual thoughts and desires on my own. God quite literally took my life and flipped it upside down on me, and right now, I am in the middle of the fallout my past. Yet in the middle of what many would say is the worst part of my life, I can do nothing but praise God for bringing me to the point I am now.
    I started the Conquer series with an elder in a local church at my suggestion after a counselor I was seeing suggested the free resources as a therapeutic tool in overcoming and understanding my behavior.
    After working through the first and second volume of the Conquer series, I was addicted to the healing and honesty that comes from understanding and fighting against the pathways that have formed in my mind.
    After Starting a second run of the Conquer series, in which we now co-lead a group of 4 men from various walks of life, I purchased the Seven Pillars as a personal supplement while also participating in the Conquer group, and the increased depth of knowledge and material that comes with the seven Pillars, I can honestly say that I would suggest the Conquer series and the Seven Pillars as a follow-up for anyone who has lost hope or is finally sick of being bound to their secrets and fantasy life.

  2. John P.

    I’m a part of a network of churches in the Boston area and we’ve been using Pure Desire materials and having a variety of Pure Desire groups for the past few years. We’ve been seeing powerful transformation take place. What we love about Pure Desire is that it is very wholistic in its approach and it is very comprehensive in how it addresses sexual bondage. I’m personally leading my first seven pillars group this year and so far it has been a great experience with genuine growth and freedom happening as a result of the material.

  3. Dan

    This kit is a valuable resource for all those looking to fight good fight for purity. I’ll be starting my 7 Pillars Group next week and I’m excited to go through these materials in more depth. Even just reading the first few pages, I could see it overflowing with helpful information for one’s fight!

  4. David

    This is a powerful tool for those looking to break the chains of sexual brokenness. Find a group and jump in. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.

  5. Josiah Spano

    Well, what can I say. I started my addiction recovery in August of 2017 going to a weekly group with Pure Desire. Since than I have been in one other group, going on my third here this year of 2020. This material will help you get to the roots and core of your addiction. Porn is 4x more lethal than a shot of morphine. 80% of men are struggling in the church, 1/2 pastors and 35% of woman. This is a silent but war going on and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be set free without Pure Desire Ministries. Thank you for your work and dedication in helping men and woman recover. Stop living in a fantasy world, we have to forsake this sin and get freedom. Don’t wait and don’t “think” on it, this is the most practical and useful tool/set of tools for porn and sex addiction. Stop running around with weights on your shoulders and watch as the weights fall off one by one. Don’t hit rock bottom like I did ending up in a Psych ward and recovery home, this will take you to the very edge and push you off, just ask Ted Bundy, it all steamed from porn. I pray that God may set us free and become more than conquers.

  6. Dane Rasper

    Literally, the most significant and influential program I have ever been a part of. I was an addict to porn, masturbation, and sexual fantasy from as far back as I can remember. Through the grace of God, He placed me in a group of guys who journeyed and experienced this 10 month, intensive program together. I learned about neuroscience, trauma, and God’s power and love through the Seven Pillars. I cannot recommend this enough! It needs to be in the hands of every husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, pastor…every man in general…and woman for that matter! My life, marriage, and relationship with God have been radically changed, redeemed, and restored. Today I’m 1170 days sober. Praise and glory to God!

  7. Natanael Villalona

    I have been a porn adict for more than 27 years I always knew I had a issue but I didn’t know how to get free from this but through seven pillars men’s group I have I learned so much, it has giving me awareness of my feelings behavior is helping me to communicate with my wife and I’m learning how to be more vulnerable i love the group because we are man and we get to share feelings or emotions and
    Fears and pain and we also learn to get out of isolation and trust God but it’s been a great experience once I finish I’m going to do it again so I encourage those that are struggling with pornography to get into this group I recommend 100% God bless you, don’t be afraid you will have a great experience

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