1. Darin Cooley

    Thanks for sharing the 7 tips of beginning recovery. I’m halfway through 7 Pillars and I will be facilitating an online 7P group in a few week. So, it was a good foundation to launch from!


  2. [email protected]

    That’s cool Darin, as a guy in a group it’s great to see more facilitators rise up. We definitely need them.
    Really Great Podcast. Lists are always cool! I believe you said these aren’t foundational, but they are fundamental. Ironically I would actually say Steve Urkel does grow and his relationship with Laura taken as a whole from the beginning to the very end is a great tale of love addiction and recovery (as much as a 90’s sitcom can be anyway), but like you said in step one, it’s not a quick fix and the changes aren’t always perceptible, but they do happen and health shows up in unexpected ways.

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