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Seven Pillars of Freedom Workbook


Seven Pillars groups are designed to provide a safe place to process addiction, build a lifestyle of accountability, and find healing. The workbook helps break denial, bring understanding of sex addiction, limits damage from behavior, and brings sobriety. The instructions and exercises in the workbook create a structure for freedom and provide the biblical truth necessary to build on.

Note: The Seven Pillars of Freedom Workbook is incomplete without the Seven Pillars of Freedom Journal.

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2 reviews for Seven Pillars of Freedom Workbook

  1. MIke M

    I had several years of counseling prior to joining a Seven Pillars group and going through this workbook. The group experience was amazing and I learned more about WHY I was engaging in destructive behavior than I had during all my years of counseling! Once I understood what my triggers were and the pain I was trying to avoid it became so much easier to get free. I wish I had found this material and gone through it before my divorce. I believe with all my heart it would have changed the destiny of my marriage.

  2. rkudasik

    I was blessed to get connected with the perfect group for me. We work diligently through this book in almost exactly a year. I can’t say I’ve got this thing of 100% cured, but nothing is helping gain control of my addiction like this program. If you struggle with sexual addiction and you are serious about recovery but don’t know where to start, join a group and work through this book now

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